David Haye’s advice for Anthony Joshua

David Haye
David Haye may fight Anthony Joshua, but first he wants him to beat Charles Martin

ANTHONY JOSHUA has made it clear he is open to a future fight with David Haye.

Haye responded, saying, “Once you’re world champion the idea is you fight the biggest possible fights to make as much money as you can. Like they say in America, if it makes dollars, it makes sense.”

But his response soon digressed into Haye providing his potential rival with advice on how Joshua should approach Charles Martin in their IBF heavyweight title fight on April 9.

“The key to a victory against a southpaw is your lead hand, your left hand although it might feel like you’re not landing with a southpaw because their hand goes over the top, it’s a bit of a fencing game so the key to a southpaw is your left foot and your left hand. Everyone thinks southpaw – just throw your right hand down the middle but good southpaws rely on people believing that and shooting right hands from out of range. You throw a right hand from out of range against a southpaw not only will you miss but get countered and countered hard. So don’t just shoot a right hand from out of range. Throw a right hand to the body, a long right hand to the body because the guy looks like he’s got a bit of a soft body. If I was in your corner, I’m kind of in your corner, keep shooting your right hand to his solar plexus, [then] the big left hook to the top. He’s got a beautiful left hook. Make it count and put the punches together,” David said. “You’ve got to get him out the way early… You’ve got experience of punching people’s heads in and knocking them out.

“Get in there, rough him up, get him off his game and just blast him out early.”

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