News | Apr 20 2019

Dave Allen scores the win of his career against Lucas Browne

Popular Doncaster showman Dave Allen stops Lucas Browne in the third round of a heavyweight fight in London
Dave Allen
It's no wonder Dave Allen gives as much as he does in the ring Action Images/Adam Holt

IN round three of a fun heavyweight fight in London tonight (April 20), Lucas Browne, an Easter egg-shaped heavyweight from Australia, was cracked in half by a left hook to the body thrown by Doncaster’s Dave Allen.

The fight, criticised by some beforehand, was bubbling up nicely but mostly dictated by Browne, 40, the more experience of the two, through the first couple of rounds. Composed and patient, the former WBA titleholder appeared to be placing his shots well and picking Allen apart with some clever uppercuts and hooks on the inside. It was slow but effective work; Browne’s greater experience seemed to put him in the ascendancy.

Yet Allen, 27, a plucky underdog (the narrow favourite for this one, though) with a feverish fan base, is used to starting slow and coming on strong and appeared perfectly content to stick around and wait for his moment. The moment then came in the third when ‘The White Rhino’, ducking a wayward Browne right hand, rolled underneath and snuck in a left hook to the body. The course of the fight changed immediately and Browne, as soon as the shot landed, was robbed of all he had built up, the wind taken out of him.


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