Fitness | Technique | Mar 24 2015

Darren Barker’s boxing masterclass (Part I): The Jab

Former world champion Darren Barker guides us through the essentials of the jab
Barker pic

The jab to the head
This can be used as a range-finder and everything comes off the jab

1. Start in your basic stance, 
on the balls 
of your feet. Keep your other hand (my right) up, covering your chin.
2. You don’t have to step forward but 
I used to, front foot first then back foot just after, adding weight to 
the shot.
3. Keep the shot tight to your body, extend the lead arm and twist the wrist at the point of impact
4. Bring the left arm back in a straight trajectory to your chin; don’t let it drop down then bring it up.

The jab to the body
This puts you closer to the danger zone but it’s good to vary your lead


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