Feature | Aug 17 2018

The Darren Barker story set for the big screen five years after his dream was realised in exact detail

Darren Barker tells his inspirational tale to Belinda Hamilton on the anniversary of his world title triumph
darren barker
Action Images/Andrew Couldridge

DARREN BARKER sits in the sun outside the newly opened Paddington gym that is his future and contemplates a remarkable past that culminated in a memorable world title fight five years ago today. So remarkable is his tale of heartbreak and courage it has now caught the attention of movie makers.

“Weird, weird, weird,” says the former IBF middleweight champion on the possibility of his story – and that of his hugely talented boxing brother Gary, who was killed in a car crash – appearing on the big screen. A script of the Darren Barker story has been optioned by a film company.

“I guess it is a good story but it’s very, very sad for me. I’d do anything to have my brother back, but, it’s an uplifting story. I guess it’s a story of not giving up, chasing your dreams. It’s crazy.”


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