Fitness | Technique | Sep 02 2015

Darren Barker: 3 classic combinations

Darren Barker returns with his classic punch combinations
Darren Barker throwing a right hand
Barker combos

FOLLOWING on from the basic stance and footwork, here are three fundamental combinations.

One of the first combinations young fighters are taught, but still incredibly effective
1. The jab is a range-finder really. So, if they are stepping back, you step forward with the shot; I would usually throw the jab on the front foot.
2. I would twist my hips forward and anti-clockwise, and twist the back foot in the same way, as I throw the right hand.
3. Bring the right hand back to your chin and, at the same time, twist your hips and front knee clockwise as you arc the left arm towards your opponent.

Mexican style
Swapping the standard left hook for one to the mid-section varies the attack
1. Again, I would start the combination going forward. I can lean in more with this because I want to be nearer the target for the body shot.
2. I follow through with the right hand as with the first combination, but my body is a bit lower down.
3. I transfer the weight from my right hand, back through my hips and into my left hook, whipping it towards the ribcage.


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