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Daniel Dubois – the new heavyweight sensation

With his devastating performance against Nathan Gorman, Daniel Dubois wins the British heavyweight title and issues a warning to the rest of the divsion. John Dennen reports from ringside
Daniel Dubois
Action Images/Adam Holt
Greenwich • July 13

BRITISH boxing has a new sensation. Daniel Dubois was phenomenal as he wrecked Nathan Gorman at the O2 in London to win the vacant British heavyweight title.

It wasn’t just the victory, though that did come over a good fighter in Gorman. It was the manner of it. Dubois descended on him with elemental ferocity to seize a control over the bout that he would never relinquish. Before this title fight there were questions Dubois needed to answer. He had the tools, he had the ability but he was inexperienced. It remained to be seen how the young fighter, still only 21 years old, would handle headlining a high profile title fight at a major arena. Any doubts about his temperament can be resolved. He took to the occasion like a heat seeking missile locking on to its target.

He zeroed in on Gorman and burnt up the space between them. He was denying Nathan room to move, his jab excellent and quick. It streaked out ahead of him, confining Gorman to the outer edges of the ring. But it was his right hand that seared through Nathan’s defences and landed with frightening force. That weapon blasted Gorman to canvas in the third round and struck him down with thunderous finality at 2-41 of the fifth round.

Daniel Dubois
Daniel Dubois is an imposing force Action Images/Adam Holt