THE time for talking is almost over. There is one final press conference with Nathan Gorman left and, as far as Daniel Dubois is concerned, that can’t be over quickly enough. He is itching to fight, itching to meet Gorman for the vacant British heavyweight title at the O2 on Saturday (July 13).

“I just want to tear all that apart and go right through him,” Dubois told Boxing News. “He’s done a lot of talking. So he’s in big trouble. I just know this fight is a fight I’ve got to win. I’ve just got to win it, come away with the W.

“I don’t get irate. I just know when it’s fight night I’m going to work and all that crap aside, this is my game now. What I like to do. I’m enjoying my fight and my boxing.”

While Gorman is the more nimble speaker, but Dubois maintains that this fight is not simply a question of a big puncher versus a skilled boxer. “People are going to see,” Dubois threatened. “They’re going to see there’s a lot more to my game and a lot of dimensions to my style of boxing that I’m looking forward to show.”

Daniel Dubois
Daniel Dubois is a hurtful puncher

He knows full well that winning the British heavyweight title could be key for him. “It means a lot. It means a move in the right direction for my career, a step in the right direction,” Dubois said. “Most of the great fighters from Britain have won it so it’ll be very, very good for me to get that title.

“I’m on my own journey, I just need to focus on what I’ve got to do and take care of who’s in front of me.”

Victory at the O2 could help him close in on a world title shot and maybe even get a fight ultimately with Tyson Fury, Andy Ruiz or Deontay Wilder. “Definitely, the big fights are not that far away,” Dubois maintained. “It looks like the fights are right here, they’re in touching distance. It’s just for me to knock this guy out the way and then move on.”