BRITISH heavyweight prospect Daniel Dubois has tipped America’s WBC titlist Deontay Wilder to defeat unified WBA, IBF and WBO boss Anthony Joshua. “I’d favour Wilder. It’s equally risky for both of them but I favour Wilder,” Dubois said, surprisingly, of Anthony Joshua vs Deontay Wilder.

But he doesn’t expect the fight to materialise, even though negotiations are currently progressing. “Personally I don’t blame him for going for an easy option. Take on someone else, someone that’s less of a threat. Wilder is a very dangerous fighter,” reflected Dubois, who, when he was a GB boxer got some sparring rounds in with Joshua. “He [Wilder] is a big, serious threat for AJ losing the titles. That’s money. Money gone. Money he could earn otherwise, fighting different opposition.”

Now just seven fights into his professional career, on Saturday (June 23) Dubois will fight Tom Little for the English heavyweight title. “It’s a fight, it’s on, it gets lively, it is what it is,” Dubois said. “It’s a fight, it’s on, I’m ready.

“I want to do the job real quick, but I’m ready for 10, 15 rounds of boxing. I’m 100% ready.”

“It’s very important,” he said of the belt he stands to gain. “I’ve got the Southern Area, I’ve got the WBC Youth title and I just want to keep going up the ranks, keep adding titles, keep picking up belts.”

Nathan Gorman is a potential domestic rival, though that fight is more likely for next year. “I’d take that fight next, if my manager and promoter think that’s right. He dealt with what was in front of him, Sean [Turner], and he did well and got the win,” Dubois said.

Daniel Dubois predicts Anthony Joshua vs Deontay Wilder

He knows the Commonwealth heavyweight champion Joe Joyce well. But thought little of the collapse of Joyce’s most recent opponent, Ivica Bacurin in the first round. “It’s laughable. The guy probably wasn’t getting paid enough,” Dubois shrugged.

But he added, “Joe’s been doing well. He’s a bulldozer, he’s strong, he’s tough. That’s his way of doing things. It’s not pleasing to the eye to watch sometimes but it’s very effective. He’s done well so far.”

“If we do meet down the line, I’d more than welcome that challenge,” Dubois continued. “I’ve sparred all of them, Frazer [Clarke], Joe, Joshua. Joe gave me good sparring. He’s a tough solid guy.

“We adjusted to each other’s style of boxing and it was good. It was good fun to learn and get experience sparring these guys.”

He’d like the new British heavyweight champion Hughie Fury to take on rising challengers, but fears Fury will vacate. “I’d take that challenge on any time,” Dubois said. “[He’s] quite slick, good movement, a slick sort of boxer. Both Tyson and Hughie have got the same sort of style. Boxing and being awkward in the ring.”

On Saturday Dubois continues his education in the ring.