Opinion | Training | Dec 12 2019

Daniel Dubois – inside the gym

In his own words Daniel Daniel reveals the attitude to training and boxing that has turned him into such a dangerous heavyweight
Daniel Dubois
Action Images/Reuters/Peter Cziborra

I’VE had good work from loads of different guys, loads of different guys I’ve sparred, Martin Bakole, he’s pretty known for sparring tough guys, I’ve sparred Frazer Clarke, I’ve sparred them all. They’ve all given me a little something to think about. I’m sure I have as well.

Usually I’ve got giants, monsters that I’m sparring, trying to kill me. It’s all good… Sometimes you have to go to war, sometimes you’re just learning.

Without [being on GB] I don’t think I would have been able to have the opportunity to spar Anthony Joshua and all these other guys, learn from that and kick start my career to the professional game.


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