Feature | Jan 02 2020

Criminal Damage: How does it feel to be hit with loaded gloves?

Of all boxing's black marks, few are as disturbing as the case of loaded gloves. Elliot Worsell speaks to those involved in this most heinous of crimes

BACK in September 2001, Donald Trump repeatedly tapped the shoulder of Naazim Richardson inside a Madison Square Garden dressing room and, to his dismay, found his advances rebuffed. It was unusual for Trump, a notorious grabber, to be blanked, to not get what he wanted, but Richardson, otherwise engaged, wasn’t in the least bit interested.

That night the coach of Bernard Hopkins ignored The Donald, setting an example his country should years later have followed, and did so because his focus and attention was fixed on the left and right hands of Felix ‘Tito’ Trinidad. And, specifically, the two layers of tape and gauze being applied to them.

“The way Trinidad wrapped his hands was not illegal everywhere,” said Richardson. “It was only illegal in New York. He could wrap his hands like that in other states.