Fitness | Nutrition | Training | Sep 16 2015

Creatine: four things boxers must remember

Dr James Morton provides a brief synopsis of his creatine analysis
A boxer taking some pills

1. Creatine supplementation improves explosive force
Creatine supplementation increases phosphocreatine stores within our muscles, the result of which ensures we can produce high forces for a longer period
of time.

2. Creatine supplementation requires loading
Supplementing with four 5g doses per day for five-seven days can elevate phosphocreatine stores. However, smaller daily doses, albeit taken over longer periods (such as 3g per day for 30 days), can achieve the same benefits.

3. Creatine should be consumed with food and post-exercise
The elevated insulin caused by carbohydrate and protein feeding plus the prior effects of exercise helps increase our muscles’ ability to take up and store creatine.


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