News | Nov 14 2014

Courage Tshabalala looking for next great US heavyweight

Former South African heavyweight now training young stars, writes James Slater

SOUTH AFRICA’S Courage Tshabalala surged to a 19-0 (16) pro record in the mid-1990s, looking to many like a future world champion. Yet despite being blessed with speed, power and spite, Tshabalala lost to Brian Scott in 1996, his unbeaten record was ruined.

Shortly afterwards, the slugger known as “No Limit” was stopped again, by Darroll Wilson and then by Oleg Maskaev and soon he disappeared from view. His final ledger read 26-4 (22). Yet now, having toiled in the background for a number of years while gaining knowledge, the Californian-based Tshabalala is emerging as a respected boxing trainer.

Q: You had quite a career as a fighter in your own right, Courage, and now you are an up-and-coming trainer. Let me ask you about your amateur career – you had a record of 72-1, with all 72 wins coming by KO?


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