Fitness | Gear | Mar 11 2019

Corner – the new technology in boxing training

John Dennen tries out the latest piece of wearable technology in boxing training
boxing trainer
Corner App feed with Trackers

BEFORE every fight, virtually without fail, a boxer will say that they have had their best camp yet. Now with the latest technology in the sport you can prove that (at least to yourself).

Corner punch trackers purport to do just that and they sent Boxing News a set to try for ourselves. The kit is easy to use. It comes with two sensors, a charging cable and wristbands. All you need is your regular boxing equipment and a phone. Download the Corner app on your phone or tablet, charge the sensors and either insert these into the wristbands or just tuck them into your wraps.

Set whether you’re orthodox or southpaw on the app, throw a jab and cross to sync up your punches with the app and you are basically good to go. You can proceed straight into training, or set a round timer, punch output target and then get going.


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