AS most suspected UFC star Conor McGregor has been focusing on his boxing training to ready himself for a proposed bout with Floyd Mayweather.

On social media he released a clip of himself demonstrating some boxing techniques, to leave us to judge how he’d fare outside of the Octagon.

“Here is a reply video I sent one of my protégés who was seeking advice on some boxing only pad work footage they sent me. I believe you will like it. The focus has been solely boxing lately but make no mistakes, the kicking and grappling aspects, and everything else got to do with unlimited free fighting, is still very much present in my thoughts. Floyd may crap his jocks after all and if so I will go back to true fighting or just pick another boxer like Manny [Pacquiao] or something. But whatever that’s another conversation,” he said.

McGregor doesn’t appear to have lost interest in the development of his sport. “I like to build fighters and watch their progression. I have built many to this date, and all unintentionally. One is fighting in the UFC main event this weekend,” he said. “When my son is born I will build him up into a multiple free fighting world champion also. Just like his old man. I look forward to it.”

Watch McGregor below: