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England win six gold medals at the Commonwealth Games

Ireland's Kurt Walker vs McGrail
Expect McGrail to renew his rivalry with Kurt Walker Action Images/REUTERS/Athit Perawongmetha
Results for the Home Nations from the Commonwealth Games finals

THE English team won six gold medals at the Commonwealth Games in Australia on Saturday. Galal Yafai, Lisa Whiteside, Peter McGrail, Pat McCormack, Sandy Ryan and Frazer Clarke are the new championships.

Wales also produced two impressive gold medallists in middleweight Lauren Price and teenage light-heavy Sammy Lee.


Female: 48: Mary Kom (India) outpd Kristina O’Hara (Northern Ireland) unan. 51: Lisa Whiteside (England) outpd Carly McNaul (Northern Ireland) unan. 57: Skye Nicolson (Australia) outpd Michaela Walsh (Northern Ireland) split. 60: Anja Stridsman (Australia) outpd Paige Murney (England) unan. 69: Sandy Ryan (England) outpd Rosie Eccles (Wales) split. 75: Lauren Price (Wales) outpd Caitlin Parker (Australia) split.

Male: 49: Galal Yafai (England) outpd Amit (India) split. 52: Gaurav Solanki (India) outpd Brendan Irvine (Northern Ireland) split. 56: Peter McGrail (England) outpd Kurt Walker (Northern Ireland) split. 69: Pat McCormack (England) outpd Aidan Walsh (Northern Ireland) unan. 81: Sammy Lee (Wales) outpd Ato Plodzicki-Faoagali (Samoa) unan. 91&: Frazer Clarke (England) outpd Satish Kumar (India) unan.

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