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Christmas for fighters

Tom Whitehead of Soulmate food guides you through some seasonal pitfalls
Christmas for fighters
Action Images/Lee Smith

WITH the Christmas party and feast period quickly approaching, the struggle of avoiding all of the alcohol and food will soon begin. There is nothing wrong with a small amount of indulgence over the festive period but as weight-categorised athletes you should be trying to limit the intake. Any weight you put on over this period will need to be removed over the weeks after, putting you behind schedule if you have a fight early in the New Year. Here are a few tips to help you keep on track.

Eating Out

If you are going out for family meals or Christmas parties try not to be hungry when you sit down. if you are hungry there is a much greater chance of you eating more, eating faster and making bad meal choices. Try having a healthy high-protein snack or small meal before you go (e.g. chicken strips and hummus, cottage cheese with blueberries, a handful of cashews) and opt for water as opposed to sugary soft drinks or alcohol.

The Hangover

As athletes, the best piece of advice would be to limit alcohol consumption and NEVER get drunk at any time of year. However, over the Christmas period those who drink may feel worse for wear some mornings. Here are few tips to help you get back up and running in the morning if you have had a night on the sauce.


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