Feature | Feb 17 2018

Chris Eubank Jr reveals how he has hurt George Groves multiple times

Matt Christie is granted exclusive access into the minds of Chris Eubank Jr and his father
chris eubank jr
George Groves & Chris Eubank Jr Public Work-Outs

CHRIS EUBANK SR and his bicycle arrive first, approximately five minutes before Chris Eubank Jr in a Ronnie Davies-chauffeured car, but almost two hours late nonetheless. No apology because no matter, the former two-weight WBO champion is here now. He moves his right foot off the right pedal, sweeps his right leg over the saddle to join his left leg, and the eternal enigma goes from sitting to standing before he even bothers to brake.

He tootles down a path that leads from Hove seafront to the doors of a boxing gym where his son has been training to beat George Groves. “Are you coming in?” he asks. It’s windy and drizzling and miserable and cold. Of course I’m going to go in. Yet I just nod, and obey the instruction disguised as a question.

He positions his bike at the back of the gym, and I follow his familiar scent, one of expense and cleanliness, as it burrows through the gloopy gym sweat entrenched in the air. At 51 years old, and looking markedly better than when he was last seen fighting in a boxing ring – busted up and swollen out of shape by Carl Thompson some 19-and-a-half years ago – the sprightly Chris Eubank appears to be defying time. His complexion is Photoshop-perfect, his lycra-covered body supple, and his enviable youthfulness somehow exaggerated by his completely bald head. Where there was once a receding hairline, there is now an immaculate dome, and he sparkles healthily, content in his own completely crease-free skin, while reaching for his phone.