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Chris Eubank Jr leaves New York without statement win

Chris Eubank Jr’s injury win over Korobov leaves us none the wiser about his middleweight future
Chris Eubank Jr
Stephanie Trapp/Showtime
Brooklyn • December 7

CHRIS EUBANK JR’S American debut began not with a definitive bang, but a sorry whimper.  

To be sure, Eubank did not suffer a historic letdown as his compatriot Anthony Joshua did in his inaugural stateside appearance back in June. In fact, Eubank technically won. But it would be devious to insist that the Sussex native managed to make any kind of a meaningful statement, considering, well, that he had hardly any time to do so. Not that it was his fault. 

Before a sparse crowd — so sparse that the publicity flacks handling the card did not bother with the routine practice of announcing the attendance total — at the Barclays Center, Eubank had his hands raised after his opponent, Russian Matvey Korobov, could no longer continue due to a freak accident.


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