News | Jan 08 2019

Chris Eubank Jr: ‘I want to retire James DeGale’

As Chris Eubank Jr brings in a new trainer he hasn't even discussed the role of his father in his corner with Eubank Senior. John Dennen reports
Chris Eubank Jr
James DeGale & Chris Eubank Jr Press Conference  |  Action Images/Andrew Couldridge

IF James DeGale loses to Chris Eubank Jr it will be the end of his career. He’s said as much publicly, while Eubank scoffed at the suggestion.

“Now he knows that this is the biggest money fight, this is the biggest opportunity that he’s going to get to try and get himself back on top,” Eubank said. “He’s talking about retirement and whoever loses this has to retire. That thought process is just not in me. I haven’t thought about what happens if I lose. The fact that he is thinking about it and the fact that he’s even coming out and saying it in the press conference is embarrassing. But at the same time it’s encouraging to me to hear that. When I’m at a press conference all I’m focused on, all I want to talk about is what I’m going to do win. Confidence. Positivity. Not retirement if I lose. It just shows you the different mindsets we have.”

Eubank continued, “Would I want to retire him? I want to beat him. He’s saying if he loses then he will retire. I want to beat him and I will beat him so if that’s the knock-on effect then yes, I want to retire James DeGale.”