CHRIS EUBANK JR and Nick Blackwell came face-to-face today ahead of their British middleweight title fight at the Wembley Arena on March 26.

“This is something from a very early age that I always wanted to accomplish in my career,” Eubank Jr said of the British title. “Once we get in there and start fighting, he’ll show cowardice and end up quitting or getting knocked out… On the one hand you have a generic, nice guy, British level boxer. On the other you have a barbarian. It’s going to be a no contest.”

“He’s going to have a shock on the night, trust me,” says the champion, Blackwell. “Why wouldn’t you take the world title fight against Danny Jacobs? Obviously you don’t believe in your own ability.”

Blackwell and Eubank have sparred before. Nick says Chris left the spar after five rounds. Chris Jr remains impassive. “I remember rocking you so badly Ronnie (his trainer) told me to stop boxing and let you recuperate,” Eubank said.

“He’s cold, he’s insular, well, he’s scary,” his father Chris Eubank adds. “It’s difficult to find anybody with his speed, his irrepressibility.

“The intensity with which he lives – not just trains, lives – will see him victor on March 26.

“I can’t see anyone in the middleweight division or super-middleweight division staying with him in boxing… He has an algorithm that is unique, different to anyone he fights.

“He has an algorithm I think is going to change the game.”

“He trains six days a week, trained over the Christmas period,” says trainer Ronnie Davies. Until Chris Jnr interrupts with: “I train seven days a week, Davies.” Eubank Jnr is apparently a chip off the old block.

Gary Lockett, Blackwell’s trainer, is brimming with confidence but warns, “Nick’s going to have to be better than he’s ever been. We’re not taking the challenge lightly.” He suggests Blackwell will have to be twice as good as he was against John Ryder.

“There’s nothing better than two old school fighters going for an old school title,” said promoter Mick Hennessy.

On the undercard Hury Fury, the cousin of heavyweight champion Tyson, will box Nagy Aguilera.