CHRIS EUBANK JR speaks with a cool detachment as he waits in a sweltering York Hall to perform his public workout. He will jog through the crowd to leap over the top rope, a minor rehearsal for his fight on Saturday against Tom Doran, Chris’ first contest since his challenger Nick Blackwell was gravely injured in their British title fight.

Blackwell has recovered and Eubank Jr is convinced that his own attitude will not change in future. “There is no mercy, however cold that may sound. There is no mercy, there is no easing off. I have to go in there and be as ferocious as I can,” Chris said. “I’m not going to let a situation like what happened in the last fight affect my future performances. Every man is different. For some men something like that, maybe it would affect their fighting style and their mindset going into the fight. For me like I said I’ve used it to fuel myself even more,” he said.

Eubank faced the media after Blackwell suffered his injury. He felt he had to speak, to defend the sport itself too. “Even though this tragedy had happened, and some people were saying it [boxing] should be banned, the things I was saying and how I acted afterwards made people realise it’s not such a terrible sport and there are good people involved in the sport,” he said.

Talks are ongoing to for Eubank potentially to challenge Gennady Golovkin, the world’s leading middleweight. “He’s just a man, he’s just a guy. Two arms, two legs and a heartbeat, just like me. A fighter like that you watch him, you study his fights and you see weaknesses. Every fighter has weaknesses, it’s just for you to identify those weaknesses and then learn how to exploit them, train how to exploit them and I’ve already started doing that,” Eubank revealed.