Chris Eubank Jnr offers Gary O’Sullivan a free hit

chris eubank
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Sullivan and Eubank bicker ahead of their December 12 clash at the O2

CHRIS EUBANK JNR and Gary O’Sullivan trade barbs on Sky’s the Gloves are Off programme.

“I might even give you a free shot just to let everybody know that Gary O’Sullivan is not this big hitter that he thinks he is. You’re going to be stepping into the ring with a barbarian. I’m going to give you the free hit and we will see what happens from there,” Eubank said of their impending clash on the December 12 bill at the O2.

The Irishman responded, “If you do, that will be the second biggest mistake of your life, the first was excepting this fight.”

“If Chris’ name was Paddy Murphy, he wouldn’t be in this position. He got here because he’s a Eubank, because of his father’s name,” fumed O’Sullivan.

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