News | Aug 08 2019

Charlie Wynn needs support

A fundraising effort is underway to help Charlie Wynn as he recovers from a serious brain injury
Charlie Wynn
Philip Sharkey

CHARLIE WYNN, a popular boxer, suffered a grim injury in 2018 whilst he was preparing for only his third professional contest.

Just in training, towards the end of a sparring session he became weak and lost consciousness. He was taken to Kings College Hospital where his family were told he had suffered an acute subdural haematoma (a large brain bleed). He had to have emergency lifesaving surgery where a portion of his skull was removed to relieve dangerous pressure. The operation was successful and the bleed evacuated but Charlie’s brain had been significantly injured as a result.

Wynn suffered a setback and needed more surgery. His family had to move Charlie to a new rehabilitation centre in Kent and he had to begin his journey all over again. A fundraising effort is underway to support his recovery.


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