Feature | Mar 26 2019

Charlie Edwards: ‘I’m my only limit so anything’s possible’

After defending his WBC title, Charlie Edwards outlines the steps he'll take next
Charlie Edwards
Charlie Edwards had to face his demons after a crushing loss Mark Robinson/Matchroom

WBC flyweight champion Charlie Edwards has a vision for his future.

Before entering the ring at the Copper Box on Saturday night, where he would beat his first challenger Angel Moreno, he paused to close his eyes. “As Bruce Lee says you need to go into that still moment. And I take away everything. I take myself out of where I am. And I close my eyes, I do my deep breaths. And I kind of go into a meditation state where I just focus on my breathing and that takes away everything around me. It calms me right down and then when I can hear all the noise coming from the crowd, all I’m doing is soaking all the energy in,” he said afterwards.

Edwards explained, “I really felt great in there. Do you know I’ve loved every second of every minute of this week, I’ve lapped it up. This is where I’m supposed to be, I’ve wanted to be here so long. And now I’m here I’m ready to rule as a champion and to behave like a champion. I’ve got a commitment now to the WBC and to inspire younger generations coming up. So I loved every second of it and it’s took me up another level becoming a world champion and it’s made me more hungry more determined and more committed to my game. I want to rule for a very long time and I want to go down as a British great or a world great even. I’m my only limit so anything’s possible.”