CHANTELLE CAMERON has described Katie Taylor as a “hero” and a “legend”, but she is eager to fight and beat her once again.

The wheels appear to be in motion for their contacted rematch with promoter Eddie Hearn looking to stage the bout in November.

Cameron’s win over Taylor in Ireland five weeks ago cemented her status as the world’s best super-lightweight and elevated her position significantly in the female pound-for-pound rankings.

In a recent interview with The Telegraph the 32-year-old says she wants to challenge Taylor at her own natural weight.

“I really want the rematch, at lightweight,” Cameron said.

“And this time on my terms. I also believe I will beat Katie more convincingly the second time.”

The defeat for Taylor was the first of her career. Her four belts at lightweight remain intact, however, having challenged Cameron for her quartet of straps at 140lbs.

Cameron was full of praise for Taylor and her efforts in the sport but all that will be put to one side for another chance at beating the 36-year-old in the Irish capital once again.

“What Katie has done for boxing is unbelievable and she’s a massive draw, she still is the biggest draw, so I’d go back to Dublin to fight her again, but I’d want to be rewarded for that…she is still a hero of mine.

“Just because I beat her, I’ve still got all the respect in the world, she’s a massive hero, a hero for so many other female boxers, male boxers, everyone, she’s a legend of the sport. So, she’s still a hero, but if we have the rematch the same thing happens again.”