News | Mar 30 2018

Carlos Molina says he can’t let Josh Kelly “think or breathe” on Saturday night

Former world champion Carlos Molina was surprised when he got the call to fight Josh Kelly, but not half as surprised as Kelly will be on Saturday, he tells Elliot Worsell

SUCH is the size of Josh Kelly’s step up in class this Saturday (March 31) in Cardiff, you’d be forgiven for thinking the man in the opposite corner, Mexico’s Carlos Molina, feels a little insulted to have been cherry-picked by a five-bout novice. “Who does he think he is?” he might ask. “Who does he think I am?”

But Carlos Molina, a former IBF world super-welterweight champion, is made of tougher stuff and sees the crossroads match as an opportunity rather than a slap in the face. Win, after all, and he bucks a run of two straight defeats. Better yet, win and Molina instantly elevates himself back into the big time and puts himself in line for future fights against other prospects eager to add his name to an otherwise shallow resume.

“I knew I’d have to fight and beat a prospect to get back to the top,” he told Boxing News. “I just didn’t know it would be a prospect with only five fights on his record. That was the only surprise.”


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