News | Sep 21 2016

Carlos Cuadras vows to KO Roman Gonzalez in rematch

“Prince” Cuadras laments losing title to Roman Gonzalez, guarantees knockout when they meet again
Carlos Cuadras
Carlos-Cuadras  |  Chris Farina/K2

FORMER WBC world super flyweight champion Carlos Cuadras promised to knockout Roman Gonzalez next time they meet in the ring.

The Sinaloa, Mexico, native was all smiles, as usual, in his meeting with the WBC and members of the press in Mexico City on Tuesday. “You took my baby away from me, ‘Chocolatito’,” said Cuadras referring to the famed green and gold belt. “I have a huge thorn on my side and if we both want the rematch, let’s do it.

“We both want it. I now know very well how he boxes. In our rematch, I can fight him toe-to-toe and knock him out so we don’t have to go to the cards.”