Feature | May 20 2015

‘Carl Froch was tougher than James DeGale,’ says Andre Dirrell

In his own words Andre Dirrell looks forward to Saturday's IBF super-middleweight title fight with James DeGale

I look at it all from a mental aspect.  As of now, man, I’m grown tremendously in my mind. I’ve realized how important boxing is to me and what it takes to become world champion, the work you have to put in and I just follow those guidelines every day. I’m a very motivated fighter, very self-motivated.

If I can hear my punches while I’m hitting the bag, I’m motivated. So, nothing motivates me more than hard work and that’s all I look for. The fight is won in the gym, not on fight night. It’s what you do in the gym, not how hard you put up a fight.

After the Arthur Abraham fight, I knew in my heart that I’d get my time again. I knew my time would come. I knew I had a chance of getting out of my contract. So, I kept training. Of course, there were times that I would hit slumps and feel like I’m doing it for nothing, but it was quite a stressful time for me. I think I always knew that I would be able to get back in that ring. So, I stayed busy and it didn’t really totally veer me away from the sport, but I do know the feeling.


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