CHRIS EUBANK Jr defeated James DeGale in an all-British grudge match on Saturday. Carl Froch is no stranger to that scenario. He shared his opinion on Eubank.

“I’m a massive fan of Chris, a fan of his dad and Junior helped me with sparring before the George Groves rematch. I like the way he comes into the gym. He’s confident, he’s classy and he’s got a lot of respect. People can get the wrong impression of his persona and the way he carries himself. He’s a very polite, classy guy, he means well and he works hard. He puts everything into the sport. That win against DeGale, even though he was past his best and not quite what he used to be, that actually makes him a harder fight because he’s in survival mode. When they’re in that mode, they’re just jabbing and grabbing and leaning in. When they do that and they’ve got a bit of skill – as he has as an Olympic and world champion – they’re hard to beat,” Froch told Love Sport Radio.

“DeGale was trying to nick the fight and it was a coming of age fight for him. He man-handled him in the end. He had a nice jab, he was putting combinations together, backing up DeGale and walking through shots to get his off. When he picked him up and shoved him on the floor, rough-housed him and gave him the spinebuster, I thought that was great because it said to him ‘I’ve had enough of your tactics and I’m here to win this fight’. I’m proud of Eubank Jr, he did really well.”

Carl Froch on Chris Eubank Jr

But Froch cautioned, “Can he do anything at super-middleweight? I don’t think so. Callum Smith is too big and too good for him. He needs to stay at middleweight and look for the Billy Joe Saunders fight because that’s a loss on his record he could potentially rectify but Saunders is a great fighter.”