CARL FRAMPTON will rematch Leo Santa Cruz. The two engaged in a thrilling battle in New York in July that Frampton won on points. Details on the rematch, including the date and venue, are expected soon.

Frampton has already had a breakthrough year, defeating great rival Scott Quigg before taking on Santa Cruz, a high calibre world champion in the division above. Their rematch will surely be explosive.

Frampton’s trainer Shane McGuigan expects his man to knock out the Mexican. “I thought he’d have gone, to be honest. I thought Carl would be able to knock him out,” Shane said. “I’m confident Carl can knock him out. Carl hit him clean a few times but a lot of the time they were diffused by Santa Cruz’s arms. He’s got a very tight defence. He hit Frampton flush, 15, 20 times, clean on the chin. Never budged Carl once. So Carl can go into the next fight with a lot of confidence.”