CARL FRAMPTON versus Scott Quigg: This one has the public second guessing the winner for weeks. It’s makes a change for the smaller guys to get the adrenalin pumping rather than the middleweights or heavyweights – it brings back memories for me of the two Irish men, bantam Freddie Gilroy, fly Johnny Caldwell. When they eventually met, the good big ‘un beat the good little ‘un.

This time, though, Frampton and Quigg are the same weight class so there is no advantage there. The negotiations seemed to have taken a lifetime – eventually it was decided it would take place in Manchester which, believe it or not, makes me slide towards a Frampton win. As I understand it, Quigg was against Ireland and happy to compete in Manchester but if Frampton was unsure of his being able to beat Quigg in any venue he wouldn’t risk his title for one good purse when he can make three or four defences for a little less money but overall be richer and still kepp hold of his title.

We have McDonnell vs Sanchez on the same bill in a WBC eliminator, while in the US, Julio Ceja v Hugo Ruiz for the WBC super-bantamweight title. I think Frampton beats any of those, at home or away. Looking at the world rankings, six of the top 10 Boxing News-rated super-bantams have unbeaten records so on paper it’s look like a strong old division. Rigondeaux, though, the No.1, seems to be something else. I’m going for a Frampton win, and it might be a late stoppage.