Carl Frampton v Scott Quigg: The breakdown

We break down the huge domestic clash between Frampton and Quigg


As an amateur, Frampton won over 100 contests and picked up an Irish title, a silver medal in the European Union championships and a silver at the Finnish Gee Bee tournament – losing out to Zou Shiming.

After cutting a swathe through a series of journeyman, Frampton wrecked Mark Quon in four rounds to pick up the Commonwealth title in his 11th pro fight. He quickly added the IBF Inter-Continental title (whatever that is) before stepping up against Molitor and then facing Martinez for the first time.

While there are no real world-beaters on his CV, he did beat a legitimate world champion when he outpointed Martinez in their second fight for the IBF title – the same cannot yet be said of Quigg.

Scott doesn’t have the same grounding as an amateur, but does have a bit of experience as a kickboxer and picked up conventional boxing quickly. Notably, he has fought as a professional 12 times more than Frampton, though was not progressed particularly quickly in the earlier stages of his career.

After winning the interim WBA world title against Rendall Munroe (a sixth round stoppage), Quigg was soon promoted to ‘regular’ champion status but drew with Salinas in his first fight with that title on the line.

He has dealt with a handful of contender-level fighters with ease but Martinez is the only fighter to have won a world title that Quigg has beaten, while Frampton as defeated three former titlists.

Both have gone the 12-round distance three times each.





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