Rendall Munroe (drew with and lost to Quigg):

I used to always say Frampton because he was always so aggressive but after watching his last fight, I’m picking Quigg. He looks for what he’s doing more and he doesn’t rush things. Frampton is dead aggressive and he might rush onto something and Quigg definitely has the power to catch him and do damage. The way Quigg boxes is smooth whereas Frampton likes to go in and show power. I think it’ll end up going to the cards.

Frankie Gavin (talented welterweight):

I would just go for Frampton, I think he’s better schooled. I think Quigg is tougher and probably hits harder, but Frampton has the better skill-set. It’s the best fight in British boxing right now.

Eddie Chambers (heavyweight contender):

Quigg is great at closing the distance and he’s also a student of the game. I’ve seen him train first-hand and I’m picking him because of his attitude and dedication to the sport.

Gavin Reid (lost to both men):

Quigg is certainly the harder puncher of the two, but Frampton has improved so much since then, so it’s such a hard fight to call. If I had to pick a winner, I’d say Quigg because that was my instinct back then. He had the power that impressed me and a tremendous workrate. His power didn’t dip from the first round, and he showed no signs of easing up. But anyone would be crazy to write off Frampton. He too had power, and he would be able to make adjustments because of his level of skill. He is the more polished of the two.

John Murray (former lightweight world title challenger):

It’s such a tough fight to call. I’m going to go with Frampton. Looking at their recent form, Quigg certainly has the advantage but Frampton has a lot more natural ability and my brother, Joe, has done a bit of sparring with him and said he looks massively up for this one, he really, really wants it. I think Frampton will stop him in the 10th round.

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