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Can’t sleep – 4 tips to help boxers get their nightly rest

It's not surprising, given their tireless training schedules, that many boxers can't sleep after a hard day, but nutritionist Robert Seaborne has answers

1. Can’t sleep? Cut the caffeine

WE have previously highlighted the role caffeine plays in psychologically and physiologically stimulating a boxer to aid training and performance. However, the same stimulation can significantly and negatively affect your sleep! The ‘half-life’ of caffeine is about five-and-a-half hours (which means the time taken for the caffeine in your body to reduce by half), so caffeine stays in you longer than you might think. The advice for a boxer would be, if you can avoid drinking coffee or consuming other produce high in caffeine after 1-2pm then you should.

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Robert Seaborne BSc (Hons), MS

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