Canelo vs GGG – who wins the rematch?

Canelo GGG weigh in
As fight week begins, Jack Figg speaks to a panel of experts to get their Canelo vs GGG rematch predictions

Who will win the Canelo vs GGG rematch?

Joe Gallagher (top trainer):

I think Canelo wins, I think he took huge confidence from the first fight from the fact he took GGG shots. He landed plenty of good combinations, moved off well and I just think Canelo will feel he had his opportunity and he’ll think [Golovkin] won’t be able to get to me now. I think he’ll try and push GGG back and land more than he did last time and I just think Canelo would have taken huge confidence from the first fight and I can’t see how GGG can beat him.

Prediction: Canelo

Martin Murray (former Golovkin opponent):

I think it will be Golovkin and I think he’ll stop him this time as well. Maybe Golovkin overlooked him the first time and I thought that maybe because [Canelo] was coming up from light-middleweight he’d be too strong. I just thought he overlooked Canelo a little bit, but this time I don’t think he’ll leave it to the judges. I think GGG should have won the first time and he didn’t get the decision, plus recently you can see the difference in Canelo from his first fight compared to now, the size difference… I just think Golovkin will stop him this time.

Prediction: Golovkin

Canelo vs GGG

Declan Taylor (boxing journalist):

I think Canelo is going to win on points, like 7-5, 8-4 on the cards maybe. Canelo started slowly, I wondered whether he was nervous about the power of Golovkin but as the fight grew in he got more settled and began to work Golovkin out a bit. If you look back Canelo was better at the end of the fight then he was at the start and I feel like in the second fight he might just pick up where he left off. I think he would have grown from the first fight or improved from the first fight, where Golovkin, at best would have stayed the same and if anything a year older and another camp wasted, and another camp for this fight. I wonder if he may have regressed a little as he’s past his peak. On the other hand I think Canelo would’ve grown, a little bit like how he grew from the Mayweather fight. He’s obviously still young and still improving so I think he’ll just nick it. But it’s the sort of fight where Golovkin after will say he thought he won the fight, I think it will be a close points win for Canelo.

Prediction: Canelo

Andy Clarke (boxing commentator):

My prediction is that Golovkin will win on points. I think this fight will be a better fight than the first, I really enjoyed the first fight I thought it was really absorbing but I think this will be a better fight. I don’t see how Alvarez can look at the first fight and not think that he needs to do more in the second fight to get a win because I think Golovkin won the first fight and I thought he won it as Alvarez just didn’t do enough. I think [Canelo] will look to do more and apply intelligent, educated pressure but I think Golovkin will like that and it will be what he wants as the criticism of Alvarez in the first fight was that he ran, which was an exaggeration. But that’s the kind of accusation that was levelled at Alvarez. I think stylistically it will end up being a better fight, I hope, than the first fight. The reason I think Golovkin will win is because, I know he’s slipping a bit and he’s getting older, but I just think he wants this more than anything in his life and you can tell that by the way he’s been talking about it. That’s not to say Canelo doesn’t, but I think he just wants this so much Golovkin, that it might be one last hurrah and there may not be much left after this, but I think for this fight he’ll dig down and get it done.

Prediction: Golovkin

Darren Barker (former middleweight world champion):

I fancy Canelo to win, but I want Golovkin to win. It kills me that Canelo is going to win but I just feel Canelo is going to do it. If I had to train either one of them, I’d rather train Canelo, because the advice would be simple really; it would be just do more of what you did. He just didn’t do enough for me but those were classy, eye-catching combinations. If he can do more of them and sustain an attack and keep the punches going more often, I think he can beat and outpoint a one-paced Golovkin. Don’t get me wrong Golovkin is effective at what he does coming forward and cutting the ring off but I just think Canelo this time might be a little bit too cute for him.

Prediction: Canelo

Liam Smith (former Canelo opponent):

Golovkin will win and I think it will be along the same lines as the last fight, but with Golovkin getting the decision. I think Canelo will look very good at points but I think Golovkin’s natural size and strength later in the fight will take over. I think it will be similar to the first fight, Canelo will have success but in the middle rounds where Golovkin will keep on with the work while Canelo will look to rest I think it will be along those same lines.

Prediction: Golovkin

Matthew Macklin (former Golovkin opponent):

I thought Golovkin won the last fight, I thought he won seven if not eight of the 12 rounds. But I thought the best moments, the highlights of the fight came from Canelo and I just think if he’s not as cagey and can let his hands go a bit… He’ll still be cagey, he has to be as Golovkin has the kind of power to take him out, but I think Canelo can improve on his performance more so than Golovkin can. I think Golovkin is slightly declined, not massively to an extent because I still think he beats every other middleweight out there, but you’re talking fractions and split seconds at the highest level that can make all the difference really. He’s fought four to six times a year before, I know it’s been less than that recently but he’s still had hard, big fights and hard training camps, and a long amateur career as well. Before the last fight Golovkin forced the issue really, Canelo was almost embarrassed into the fight he had to fight him, they put it off as much as they could but now he’s been in there and felt Golovkin’s power he’ll have more belief that he can beat him. He’s felt his power, he’s felt his speed, they’ve been in the clinches and I just think he’s the one that can improve more on the last performance.

Prediction: Canelo

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