Highlight 4 | Issue | Opinion | Premium | Oct 25 2019

‘Canelo is not going to present anything Kovalev hasn’t seen before’

In his own words Sergey Kovalev trainer Buddy McGirt looks forward to the Canelo Alvarez fight
Canelo Alvarez vs Rocky Fielding
Ed Mulholland/Matchroom

EVERYTHING’S been going great. With an experienced veteran what you do is remind them of certain things and the rest will take care of itself. He’s been doing it for so long, Canelo’s not going to present him with anything he hasn’t seen before. The key is just staying focused and concentrating on what we have to do.

Anybody can be dangerous at any time. If we focus on what we have to do, I believe in my heart everything else is going to take care of itself.

Canelo has a hell of a trainer, Mr. [Eddy] Reynoso. I’m sure there’s things they’re going to work on to try to get inside so I’m not look at this as being the bigger guy or the stronger guy. My goal that night is for Sergey to be the better guy. I don’t care about us bigger or stronger. That night we’ve got to be the better guy.


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