Opinion | Apr 27 2018

Can Isaac Dogboe beat Jessie Magdaleno?

'You can't go into the playground to play with the big boys, and later on, you go crying about it.' John Dennen sees the method in the Isaac Dogboe trash talk
Isaac Dogboe
Dogboe_pose  |  Mikey Williams/Top Rank

ISAAC DOGBOE is a warrior. He hasn’t previously seemed like much of a trash talker. But he was fully prepared to rile WBO super-bantamweight Jessie Magdaleno on Thursday at the final press conference ahead of their fight this weekend.

He condemned Magdaleno as “the worst world champion ever” and mocked the American for blocking him on social media. “I guess I send shivers into people’s spines,” Isaac said.

Magdaleno hit back. “You look worse than me,” he said. “You look like an alien.