Bunce Diaries | Issue | Premium | Jan 21 2020

Bunce Diaries: The history of British boxing was told and retold in the Lonsdale store

A tribute to Bernard Hart and the magic he weaved in Beak Street
Bunce Diaries

BERNARD HART was still fighting when he started selling his brand new Lonsdale boxing shorts from a cabinet in a basement gym in London’s Fitzroy Square.

Hart got permission from the Lonsdale family to use the name and in Walker’s gym, now a lost outpost on the boxing map, he listened to fighters and started to take orders. He was running the new business from the gym and having eight-rounders at the Bognor Regis Pavilion at night.

The first Lonsdale shop, the beautiful Beak Street store, opened a year later in 1960 and Hart quit the ring, finishing as a pro with a record of nine wins from 16 fights. Beak Street is one end of Carnaby Street and Hart was there before Carnaby Street knew what it was.