Feature | Issue | Premium | May 30 2019

Buddy McGirt, an old school graduate

Buddy McGirt talks to Tris Dixon about his life and career as he prepares to be inducted into the Hall of Fame
Buddy McGirt
REUTERS/Teddy B. Blackburn

JAMES “BUDDY” McGIRT is old school. He was brought up old school, as a youth he looked up to all things old school and now, in a way, he lives by old school philosophies even if he does so without living in the past.

He represents a different time. He was the boy who wanted to smoke pipes because of the status he believed it would afford him, he was the contender who hung out in East Coast business premises with links to organised crime, he was one of the stars on grainy 1990’s TV sets, a 15-round championship fighter who was taught boxing by men who are no longer here but who have been immortalised on the walls of the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

Buddy will join them in Canastota this weekend, enshrined for a career that saw him fight professionally for 15 years winning 73 times, losing six and drawing once.