British Vintage Boxing are bringing vintage inspired sportswear to a new generation, reasserting what it means to be British, bold and spirited.

As official merchandisers we are proud to bring limited edition wares celebrating a British heritage sporting icon and quintessential gentleman Sir Henry Cooper. Designs capsule his early career of the 1950’s & 60’s, reworking his effortless, understated style and infusing the BVB brand spirit to reinvigorate a golden era.

Inspired by hard working boxing men of the past we have created a sportswear brand that embodies the exploits of these working class heroes, distilling their courage and resilience into a single voice: British Vintage Boxing, from the shoulders of champions to the backs of gentlemen.

Our heritage sportswear collection has been knitted using outstanding jersey fabric, dyed in BVB colours, with a vintage wash and unique detailing from our archive. The BVB design team’s passion for authenticity and quality is reflected both in our vintage styling and modern tailoring, an ode to the past, crafted for the future. Ranges are currently available exclusively on the BVB website, priced between £45-£80.