News | Opinion | Aug 16 2015

Boxing’s top 5 over-40s

Danny Flexen counts down the sport's golden oldies
bernard hopkins
bernard-hopkins  |  Tom Hogan/Hogan Photos/Golden Boy

WE are inundated with hit prospects and rapidly progressing prodigies in boxing right now, but what of those dogged veterans valiantly raging against the fading of the light? There is something to be celebrated in their stubborn refusal to quit and insistance on still being a factor at or close to top level. These are the top five active boxers (i.e. not officially retired) who have celebrated their 40th birthday. Poor old Argentine warrior Omar Narvaez missed out by around two months.

5. Antonio Tarver
The “Magic Man” showed in his recent heavyweight draw with Steve Cunningham – who turned a sprightly 39 last month – that he retains much of the craft and guile that made him a dominant light-heavy around seven years ago. If the Floridian southpaw were somehow able to snatch a belt in his current division the Rocky Balboa star may eclipse the titular character’s story. He turns 47 in November.

4. Firat Arslan
This rugged ex-WBA cruiser king will be 45 next month and has won just three of his last seven, but tight defeats in world bids against Marco Huck and Yoan Pablo Hernandez suggest his fitness and workrate will keep him in contention. Another left-hander, Germany’s Arslan has been in the same division since his debut 18 years ago, quite a feat for anyone below heavyweight.