Feature | Mar 21 2019

Boxing – the case for ‘the good old days’

Simon Euan Smith makes the case for why boxing was better in the good old days
sugar ray leonard
Sugar-Ray-Leonard  |  Richard Mackson/USA Today Sports

This feature was originally published in Boxing News magazine

BOXING, like everything else, has to change if it’s to survive. New discoveries are made (especially on the medical front), and these have to be acted on: new ideas are put forward to improve the sport in a number of different ways.

But not all changes are necessarily for the better. I’ve been following boxing seriously for more than 50 years, and I’ve seen changes come in where I’m far from convinced that there was anything wrong with the old way. (Or the traditional British way – in many cases the changes seem to have been made to bring us into line with other countries – especially America). Some of these changes are so widely accepted now that there’s no chance of their being reversed. But indulge an old(ish) man as I put the case for “the good old days”: