Boxing results: Jorge Arce announces his retirement after losing to Jhonny Gonzalez

Arce battered by Gonzalez in Mexican showdown

IT looks the like the end of the line for Mexican warmonger Jorge Arce after the 35-year-old was battered into 11th round defeat by countryman, and WBC featherweight champion, Jhonny Gonzalez.

Gonzalez dominated from the start, and slashed open the skin on the bridge of Arce’s nose as early as the second round.

The 33-year-old champion added to his rival’s pain in the third, when a left hook caused more blood to spill, this time from over the left eye. The injury was followed by a knockdown, as another hook smashed home to briefly drop Arce.

The challenger was dropped again at the end of the fifth, and a third fall came in the ninth courtesy of another left hook. Arce was gutsy throughout, often inviting more punishment, and it was a relief when the referee rescued him in round 11.

Arce, who has won major titles in four weight classes, announced his retirement in the aftermath.

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