DANIEL DUBOIS barely got out of first gear against the overmatched Mauricio Barragan, dropping him with the first punch of the contest and completing the thrashing in the second round when the Uruguyan went down for the count.

Barragan, weighing just 199lbs, stepped in at short notice but was a poor match for the heavyweight prospect. Dubois decked him with a right hand early on, before a short but powerful left to the chest sent the South American sprawling and out at 1-41 of the second session.

That Barragan was a late substitute was just about forgivable, but the WBC sanctioning this contest – which was optimistically set for 10 – for their heavyweight Youth title was not. This was merely a marking time contest for the highly promising 19-year-old and nothing more. Prior to this shellacking, Barragan’s record, which now stands at 15-2 (8), was compiled exclusively in his homeland and predominantly in the light-heavyweight division.

No matter, Dubois, 4-0 (4), was delighted with the belt and again displayed the power that has generated so much interest. But Barragan was such an ill-equipped opponent, this outing taught us nothing new.