Boxing News At Five | Jul 22 2019

Boxing News at Five: What’s next for Price and Allen? Pacquiao-Khan won’t happen this year

David Price and Dave Allen are now on separate paths, and Amir Khan's dream of fighting Manny Pacquiao this year has faded
Pacquiao can't stop winning, even at 40  |  Stephanie Trapp/TGB

The David Allen experience ground to a shuddering halt at the O2 on Saturday night after the popular social media star and heavyweight contender was hammered into a 10th-round retirement defeat by David Price. “The White Rhino” (17-5-2, 14 KOs) was woefully outgunned from the get-go and failed to make any inroads into the fight. 

Curiously, he was seen as a favourite by many going in yet I never saw it that way. Price (25-6, 20 KOs) may have confidence issues — six defeats, two by brutal knockout, can do that to you — yet if Allen had been served up to the 6’ 8’’ Liverpudlian during his British title reign you would have expected it to end early and brutally.

This version of Price did it in a much more methodical, patient way and confounded those who believed that as long as Allen stayed on his feet the former Olympian would gas and collapse. That notion fails to take into account the fact that the men who have defeated Price either broke him down or landed flush, heavy shots, which Allen failed to do.


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