Boxing News At Five | Aug 10 2018

Boxing News at Five: The WBA make a laughing stock of Bryan vs. Flores, and Wilder and Breazeale behave just as badly

The WBA are giving heavyweight belts away, Wilder and Breazeale are acting up, and Pulev and Fury get an October date
Tony Bellew
Bellew Flores press conference2  |  Mark Robinson/Matchroom Boxing

THE World Boxing Association (WBA) is the oldest sanctioning body in boxing, formed all the way back in 1962, and seems intent on reminding everybody of the fact.

Rather than remind us with integrity, history and through leading by example, however, they seem hellbent on making their presence known via a catalogue of ridiculous, unexplainable and downright questionable decisions.

This happens every time they sanction a fight, green light a drug cheat, release a new set of rankings, or crown yet another so-called ‘world’ champion, an occurrence that, owing to their three or four titleholders per weight class, seems to happen weekly. It happens so often, in fact, it’s now not only impossible to ignore the WBA’s presence but just as difficult to consider them a legitimate and serious world sanctioning body.


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