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Boxing News at Five: Saunders gets punished for bad behaviour, Calzaghe pays tribute to his late father

Joe Calzaghe
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Billy Joe Saunders receives punishment for "banter" that "went wrong", while Joe Calzaghe writes poignant tribute to his late father

HE called it “banter” that “went wrong” but Billy Joe Saunders’ decision to offer a woman 150 pounds’ worth of drugs to perform a sex act or punch a passer-by (which she did) has resulted in a £100,000 fine by the British Boxing Board of Control.

The video of Saunders in his car, posted on social media, is reportedly being investigated by police and has been described as “sickening”. The Board, meanwhile, have warned him about future conduct, given him a “severe reprimand”, and say his fine will go to a charity to assist former boxers.

It’s not the first time the WBO middleweight champion has found himself widely condemned for actions captured on video. Weeks before, in fact, Behind The Gloves filmed Saunders and his fellow Wincobank gym mate Kid Galahad teasing a local resident by claiming he had signed up to a gay dating site. It wasn’t big. It certainly wasn’t clever. It was, however, a sign of things – far worse things – to come.

What’s considered “banter” to some is distasteful and offensive to others and it’s high time someone got hold of Billy Joe Saunders and either confiscated his phone or explained to him the difference.

Billy Joe Saunders

Former world super-middleweight champion Joe Calzaghe has paid tribute to his father, Enzo, who sadly passed away last week at the age of 69.

As fighter and coach, as father and son, the pair were inseparable during their time together and Joe, undefeated at 46-0, was famously persuaded to take his career-defining fight against Jeff Lacy in 2006 by Enzo.

“I’m blessed having you as my dad and my best friend,” he wrote in a statement released today. “You were my teacher, mentor and will always be my hero.

“You picked me up when I didn’t believe in myself, and you made me believe. Without you nothing would have been possible.

“I thank God you were with me by my side all the way through my life.

“You supported me through the highs and lows and taught me how being a great dad should be.

“You will be missed every day. You are always in my heart & will continue to be by my side throughout my life.

“I love you always and forever dad.”

Nothing more needs to be said.

Joe Calzaghe

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