Boxing News At Five | Nov 20 2019

Boxing News at Five: Ring deaths persuade Mayweather not to return, Parker demands a fight date from Matchroom

Floyd Mayweather has ruled out a return to competitive action following recent ring tragedies, and Joseph Parker is a frustrated former heavyweight champion
Floyd Mayweather
Floyd Mayweather  |  Esther Lin/Showtime

WHENEVER the boxing world is rocked by a tragedy, active fighters are reminded of the dangers they strive every day to ignore.

For those competing, it is a tough reality to have to rationalise and compartmentalise. Yet for retired boxers, even those as accomplished as Floyd Mayweather, it is sometimes just as hard to look the other way and pretend tragedy only befalls boxers with poor defence, prior brain issues or brave corner men.

Following what has been a particularly bad year for ring deaths and injuries, Mayweather today reiterated that his good health is paramount and that despite the money on the table for him to return the harsh reality of the sport is doing its best to convince him to stay away.


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