Boxing News At Five | Mar 25 2019

Boxing News at Five: Price would fancy his chances against Breazeale, Saunders fights Isufi for WBO interim title

Billy Joe Saunders boxes for a WBO interim title at super-middleweight and David Price admires Dominic Breazeale's ability to secure two world title shots
Billy Joe Saunders
Billy Joe Saunders celebrates his win  |  Action Images/Andrew Couldridge

DEPENDING on your point of view, the career trajectory of heavyweight David Price has been influenced either by mismanagement – taking the wrong fights at the wrong time – or an inherent fragility that was always going to be the Liverpudlian’s Achilles’ heel regardless of the opposition.

Certainly, there’s a case to be made that his first career loss, against Tony Thompson in 2013, was an inevitable outcome to a bad bit of matchmaking. That said, few were screaming mismatch or too-much-too-soon before Thompson pulled off the upset and stopped Price in the second round.

The same goes for the rematch. Now, looking back, it seems an awful idea to throw Price back in with the awkward southpaw who had just stopped him in fairly emphatic fashion. But again, at the time, most considered it a risk worth taking; a chance for Price to quickly right a perceived wrong.