Boxing News At Five | Oct 18 2018

Boxing News at Five: Pacquiao moves closer to announcing Broner fight, and says he wants Mayweather for Cinco de Mayo 2019

Manny Pacquiao appears to be fighting Adrien Broner and wants Floyd Mayweather rematch, while Floyd Mayweather wants to box some UFC stars

IT won’t be long before world titles and rankings are a forgotten thing of the past and all that matters is the amount of money a fight is able to generate. We’re heading that way, certainly, and, scarier still, this thirst for a pay-per-view super-fight, regardless of its meaning or purpose, is moving us towards the prospect of matches between boxers and mixed martial artists being commonplace rather than unwanted anomalies.

It’s all talk for now – thankfully. There’s talk, for instance, of Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather repeating their grim spectacle from 2015 at some point in 2019. But first Pacquiao must get past Adrien Broner, another man whose appeal has more to do with money than achievement, and Mayweather, also, might have a fight in the interim, perhaps against Khabib Nurmagomedov, the Russian UFC star recently seen choking out Conor McGregor.

Wouldn’t that be fun? Better yet, should Mayweather fancy earning even more money, there’s the possibility he might have a mess around with McGregor again at some point next year. And who could say no to that?